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Seb Wery on NRJ Hits

Piano blind test with Fred Musa

We had fun with Fred Musa on KIF radio with a piano blind test of several big french rap songs.

DH Radio - Heaven Help Us all

This brand new single entered several radio charts as DH Radio.

Heaven Help Us All
Seb Wery on RTL Info Belgium

RTL Info - 4 hands piano cover

Did you ever see a 4 hands piano cover performed by… just one guy? That’s what Seb Wery did during the first quarantine in April 2020. And that impressed several medias as RTL Belgium!


DH - 4 hands piano cover

The « 4 hands with myself » piano cover of « Bella Ciao » also spotted on « La Dernière Heure » Facebook Page!

Dh Radio talking about Seb Wery and his 4 hands
Seb Wery on NRJ Hits

"When We Want It" on NRJ Hits

The first single with his fellow Kalel was born and was called « When We Want It »! The song was broadcasted on the NRJ radio playlist in januari 2019 and even reached the Top 30 on the NRJ Hits channel.

Interview on NRJ

Seb Wery enjoyed spending some time talking about his projects on NRJ!

dh radio 4 mains wery
In 2011, Seb Wery met the Playground Sessions founders in NY.

Seb Wery meets Playground Sessions

In 2011, Seb Wery met the Playground Sessions founders, a music-learning technology company headquartered in New York City. Key people as Harry Connick Jr., David Sides and Quincy Jones are among the company’s video instructors.

Seb Wery meets David Sides

While travelling in New York in 2017, Seb Wery met the world renowned pianist David Sides and shared their thoughts about music projects.

Seb Wery with David Sides

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